If a company or a small business doesn’t have an online presence, they are missing a huge percentage of potential customers that could be shopping at their store. The number of customers who now purchase online over a brick and mortar business is growing by the day. But despite this, only approximately 51 per cent of small companies do not have a website.

A website with the right content not only helps small businesses promote and sell their products and services, but it also allows them to distinguish themselves from their competitors, especially for customers who rely heavily on the internet to learn everything about a company. This makes a website one of the most critical business assets for sharing information, building credibility and standing out in crowded marketplaces.

No matter how small your business may be, having a website is critical when it comes to modern-day marketing and exposure.

Benefits of having a website

 So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a website.

Professionalism: A well-built website complete with all the information that your customer needs to find,  professionally portrays your business. From getting to know your entire team, access to your products and services, you will be able to protect your business as trustworthy and credible.  You can also include customer feedback from your satisfied customers, so your potential customers know what they expect from the products or services you offer.

Accessibility: A website provides easy convenience on more than one level. Peoples these days are so used to finding out what’s in store for them before they make any decision. With your website, your customers will be able to know everything about your business and the products and services your offer. They will be able to view these at their convince.

As a business owner you know that running a good business is all about making it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you. Having a website and an online presence is the first step you should take towards this regard.

Good value for investment: Have you ever run a newspaper or a TV ad? If you have, you will soon realise that once it has run, it is all over. Unless you are ready and able to spend for a long run duration, which can cost you a lot of money, you can not expect the ad to generate new customers for an extended period.

With a website, it is an entirely different story. Although it will take some initial investment to build a good site with engaging content, you will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

A highly impactful marketing tool: One of the most significant ways in which a website can positively influence your business is through effective marketing on social media platforms.  Until the advent of website and online marketing, targeted advertising was minimal, now the possibilities are endless.

With online marketing and big data analytics, you can take advantage of highly sophisticated targeted advertising that’s based on several factors, including demographics and online history of each of your potential customer. Add to that social media marketing, search engines optimisation, and search engines marketing, and your marketing possibilities are virtually limitless.

Cost-effective: In today’s digital world, it is possible to do business without incurring overhead costs of running a store, having a salesperson on payrolls and the likes. And that’s the importance of the website towards cutting your costs.

Some of the largest companies eCommerce websites facilitate online transactions of good and services and have turnovers of millions, and they don’t have a store of their own, all they need is a website.

Heightened customer service and support: By having a website with great content, the way you offer customer service and support can drastically change for your customers. They will no longer have to wait on the phone for a long time. Common queries such as those related to the usage of products, assembly, services offered, etc. can be solved by posting guides and manuals online.

A page for frequently asked questions is an effective way to offer enhanced customer service and support. Some website even have a forum for customers to interact amongst themselves to address their issues.

These are just some of the features of your website that can make your customers happier and satisfied and are highly likely to ensure your customers remain loyal and recommend your business to others.


7 reasons why websites are vital for small business


Access to Information

 Easy access to data In today’s data-centric world where everything from marketing and sales to accounting and investor relations depends on easy access to data, having a website makes it easier to run a business. Through password-protected, secure sections your employees will have access to all the information they need.

From the accounts department that needs financial information to the sourcing team that need data on inventory, a centralised website can facilitate the smooth functioning of your organisation. From your customer’s perspective, it becomes convenient for them to know in detail about the services or products you offer, the mode of delivery, and other information about doing business with you.


You have to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing times and having a website for your business should be your first step in that direction. You need to appreciate the importance of the website fully.

By making available all the information that your potential customer needs about your products or services, you are making it easier for them to do business with you. This enhances their experience, and you can then leverage it to convert them into long-term customers.

It also makes your company more efficient and cost-effective, thereby cutting don costs and improving revenue.

You cannot ask for more.

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t have a website yet, get the ball rolling and start building your site today.

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