Who Is A Virtual CFO?


Virtual CFOs are service providers that handle all the duties of a traditional CFO while working remotely and part-time. Therefore, hiring a credible virtual CFO from right here in Australia is like outsourcing the head of your finance department to a competent professional; cutting your overhead significantly. Virtual CFO services in Australia are beneficial for small businesses that can’t afford a full-time CFO but need an experienced financial professional taking charge of their financial management.


How A Virtual CFO Can Help Your Business


Financial Forecasting


Financial planning is an expert skill that demands extensive knowledge of financial documents like your profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements. Additionally, planning your company’s finances requires an excellent understanding of and experience with multiple accounting tools. Hiring the best virtual CFO that Melbourne has to offer is crucial if you are a new business. Partnering with a virtual CFO ensures that you can plan and forecast your finances more precisely.

What Can A Virtual CFO Do For You?

Increased Productivity


Engaging a vrtual CFO allows business owners and key employees to focus their energy on their core responsibilities and the areas that match their skills and expertise. This specialised focus drives productivity up, using what you already have at hand and saving you time. 


Customised Processes


Your company’s finances will become more complex as you grow and have a constant flux of money to manage. Bookkeepers and accountants play a role in your business.  But a Virtual CFO has the expertise needed to sufficiently and successfully scale your growing processes. From employees and vendors to clients and investors, there’s going to be a constant flux of money passing through your company and without an expert to scale your processes, your business may not be able to handle it. For this sort of task, a bookkeeper or accountant won’t do, you’ll need a virtual CFO.


Financial Reporting


This is where those numbers really get taken to the next level. A CFO is fluent in finance; they will often do dashboard reporting which involves looking at your actual performance versus your budget and goals, your balance sheet, cash flow and trends. You should be getting the numbers, and the explanation too – what do the figures actually tell you and what decisions should you now make as a result? Key metrics and KPIs can be focussed on, often according to strategy or the area the CFO deems to be a priority at that particular time.

What Can A Virtual CFO Do For You?

Why Choose  Virtual CFOs From Total Eclipse Agency?


Our team of experienced and competent virtual CFOs provides the necessary skills, services and support to suit your unique business needs. As such, you can enjoy all the knowledge and expertise of a CFO delivered as and when your business needs it, ensuring that you only pay for the functions you require.


Reach out to us today at https://totaleclipseagency.com.au/ to get started.

Kylea Martin
Kylea Martin

Kylea Martin is a Financial Strategist who boasts numbers among her many superpowers.

She can decode your business data and transform it into information you can readily understand.

A Certified Practising Accountant, Kylea leads the Financial Services team, bringing over 25 years of corporate experience to small and medium business owners.