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Business Tools

Keeping up with the financial side of owning a small business can feel like a never-ending job. From invoices to expenses to day-to-day accounting and dealing with the BAS, it’s a wonder that entrepreneurs ever find the time to deal with actually producing goods or providing services.

To help you, we’ve put together free tools that your small business should be using. 


Easy To Use

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Cash Flow Template

This Cash Flow statement template provides you with a foundation to record operating, investing, and financing cash flows annually.

Profit & Loss Forecast Template

Download our free Profit and Loss Forecast template to easily create your own income statement. 

Balance Sheet

 A Balance Sheet is a statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of a business or other organisation at a particular point in time, detailing the balance of income and expenditure over the preceding period.

Operating Budget

An Operating Budget is a forecast of the revenues and expenses expected for one or more future periods.  An Operating Budget is typically formulated by the management team just prior to the beginning of the year and shows expected activity levels for the entire year. 


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