You wouldn’t think of making products or ads that customers and clients see without your logo proudly displayed on them, but what about documents? Branded documents serve an important purpose whether they’re internal paperwork for employees and investors or external paperwork that is meant for the public. Here are some of the biggest reasons why branded documents should be thought of as a business essential.

Branded Documents Increases Productivity

The sense of pride your employees gain from seeing the company’s logo on everything from onboarding and training manuals to pay-stubs does add some amount of productivity, surely, but it does so in a still more critical way. Employees often have to use company documents to prove their work statuses and income for a wide range of reasons, including finding housing, accessing benefits, etc. A team member who has difficulty completing the day-to-day tasks that are made easier with branded documents is a team member with more stress and less time to be productive at work.


Adding your company logo to documents for employees is not difficult, either.

Why Branded Documents Are Essential For Your Business

Branded Documents Look More Professional

Some businesses don’t consider it, but many potential customers and clients out there are scrutinizing every indication you give them to assess if they will do business with you or not. Branded documents exude professionalism and a visual identity that will be noticed, whereas documents without your company logo could come across as a red flag. This goes for your business partners, suppliers, and even investors and lenders, as well. Not using branded documents could make your company appear new and unestablished.

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This saying is completely applicable when it comes to a well-thought-out company logo! Your logo communicates a lot to the world – your company’s values, mission, goals, etc. – and therefore using branded documents is a succinct way to say it and keep them ever-present in the minds of the employees and clients who read them.

The design of the logo itself as well as where it is placed within the document matters. To get the most out of branded documents, your logo should be easy to integrate into it, meaning it doesn’t have text or graphics that don’t show up well on paper while still being visually appealing. Most businesses that use effective branding on documents also choose to place it in the header where it will be the first thing seen, some put it in the background enlarged and underneath the text, while others put it at the bottom as a sort of apotheosis.

Why Branded Documents Are Essential For Your Business

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