Businesses of all sizes should use project management software to help their teams achieve business goals, complete project milestones and successful projects. They are not just for Project Managers.  My personal favourite is ClickUp.

ClickUp is a cloud-based work platform for all types and sizes of teams and businesses.  It combines essential business applications and centralises company information into a single online solution.  Assign tasks to team members, manage projects for clients and collaborate with colleagues on documents.  ClickUp provides all the tools and features to complete work efficiently, visible, and in an accessible way.

A Project Management tool enables teams and companies to solve business problems depending on which area they want to manage:

  • Process management – Streamline projects and workflows with the proper steps.
  • Task management – Organise tasks, track changes, and manage the team.
  • Time management – Create schedules, organise calendars, manage capacity, and track time.
  • Collaboration and reporting – Communicate directly and in context, generate ready-to-use or customisable reports, and share information securely.

Let’s have a look at the key benefits of utilising a Project Management tool for your business.

1. Effortless Planning

The project planning process takes a lot of time as you have to map out all the essential steps.  A project management tool provides you with the ability to quickly establish a hierarchy of tasks for effective and efficient completion of your entire project.  It also lets you indicate which steps are sequential and which tasks are dependent on one another.  You can even template your processes and procedures and have them readily available for reoccurring projects.  This makes it easier for your team to do their work.  This is a time-saver because when the team leader knows which steps are the most important, they then know which tasks to assign to whom to meet the project timeline.

7 Benefits of utilising a Project Management Tool for Your Business

2. Efficient Task Management

Every project out there consists of numerous tasks that you, or your team, must complete.  Writing notes about what your team members are doing is sometimes impossible, especially for ongoing projects that take a lot of time to complete.  This is where a project management tool is handy, assign all of the essential tasks to employees and monitor how they are performing.  Project management becomes much easier as you have access to this data and follow who has which tasks.  Through better task management, teams work in unity.  Therefore, achieving incredible results and benefiting the company.

3. Improved Team Workflow

In addition to various resource management benefits, project management solutions are designed with the purpose to improve team collaboration.  People frequently designate individual tasks which are part of a more significant project the whole team is trying to complete.  Project management tools give employees a method to collaborate on projects by discussing tasks, timelines, dependencies, outstanding work, etc.

Creating seamless team performance is something significant to attain as it contributes to a company’s sustainable future, as well as creating cohesion within a team.

4. Shared Documents, Calendars and Contacts

Consider that project management tools are helpful as they support the storage and organisation of a variety of documents.  This is extremely important as a majority of projects have a high number of documents.  By creating a centralised document storage plan, every team member can easily and more quickly edit and contribute.  This feature is essential in cases where the work is outsourced to a person or a team.  It is much easier to perform all the necessary tasks without sending thousands of emails with attached documents where, sooner or later, things become convoluted.

Having access to calendars of other team members is convenient because sooner or later, a meeting between team members has to be organised.  So, having access to people’s calendars makes coordinating much more manageable.  Make sure to share a document containing every team member’s contact information.  This ensures remote team members can communicate with one another.

7 Benefits of utilising a Project Management Tool for Your Business

5. Precise Project Tracking

Tracking the time spent on every task is of great value.  It allows you to collect data about team members, to know their work pace.  This will make planning future projects much more straightforward.  You can then make much more precise time estimations for project success.  For example, a project leader can give different types of tasks to team members throughout a project to determine their strengths.  This creates better performance and faster results.

6. Solid up-to-the-minute reporting

To attain long-term success for just about any business, monitoring the progress of work is essential.  Dedicated software plays a vital role in monitoring the stages of current projects and can provide insights into whether things will complete on time or not.  This is achieved through daily time registrations that feed directly into the reporting mechanism.  Project management tools can then assist you in making the right decisions as you have all the details in one designated place.

Therefore, the decision process is enhanced and much more accurate.  If you ask me, it’s better to choose a platform that covers reporting on a portfolio level but also allows you to chronicle, customise, and share more digestible pieces of insights.

7. Enhanced customer satisfaction

Another frequently noted benefit of project management tools is enhanced customer satisfaction.  When you get a project done promptly and under budget, the client walks away with a smile on their face – and a satisfied customer is one you will see again.  Smart project management tools offer the resources which allow this customer/supplier relationship to carry on.  By applying fundamental project management software strategies, you will narrow your focus, achieve your goals, and improve your deliverability and rate of success.

7 Benefits of utilising a Project Management Tool for Your Business


These are some of the most important reasons why you might want to try a project management tool within your business.  Utilising the latest technologies currently available can help maximise the performance of your team, especially in today’s world where we are working virtually more and more.  The whole workflow becomes improved, as people are capable of collaborating on a variety of tasks.  This leads to a significant improvement in productivity, which leads to higher profits in the business world.  High quality in a short timeframe, that’s what businesses want to achieve.

Amy Martin
Amy Martin

With over 20 years of experience as an Executive Assistant, Amy Martin leads the Business Support Team at Total Eclipse Agency.

Offering impeccable attention to detail, and an innate skill at streamlining business operations, Amy’s background encompasses both corporate and government sector support and she brings this knowledge and skill set to your business via our Business Support Services.